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WooNinja payments is the simplest way to accept AliPay payments. Built by Thinkific Experts.

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Making Payments Simple

Accept AliPay in 5 Minutes

Expand your reach globally with access to over 1.4 billion new customers

No Code or Developers Required

Our system is a breeze to use. Simply register, connect your Thinkific account and insert a link on your page for students to proceed to checkout. It takes 5 minutes and we can even help you do it!

Secure & GDPR Compliant

We use Stripe, an industry leader, to securely process our payments. All student and data is 100% secure, and we are fully GDPR compliant.

Accept CNY Payments

Adding CNY to your school allows students to pay in their local currency using their AliPay account. No user confusion, just a straight forward purchase!

Automatic Enrollment in Thinkific

Unlike other platforms, you don't need another Zapier or automation account. Our system automatically creates the student account in Thinkific AND enrolls them in a course at no extra charge.

Simple, no-tricks pricing

No hidden or recurring fees (ever)

Flat rate pricing. No gimmicks.

We don't believe in minimum or monthly fees. We also want to take the guesswork out of getting paid and growing your business. That is why we have a flat rate model, so whether you are just starting or aiming for the moon, our plan is there to scale with you.

What's included

  • Secure AliPay Payments

  • Automatic Student Account Creation & Enrollment

  • Automatic CNY Currency Conversion

  • Official Thinkific Expert Support Team

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How much do you charge? What is your pricing?
We charge 1% of the total transaction amount. For example, a 2000CNY transaction would incur a 20CNY processing fee. If your revenues are higher than $100,000 USD per year we can offer custom pricing. As we process via Stripe, there are additional fees levied by them that are detailed here.
Do you support WeChat Payments?
As of February 2022, WeChat is not permitting the acceptance of payments for training. This decision was made by WeChat themselves. Therefore we can no longer offer WeChat as a payment option.
Do I need a Thinkific or Stripe account?
You will need a Thinkific account. When you create an account with us, we will create a Stripe account on your behalf.
What currencies do you accept?
For AliPay, we convert all prices to CNY to ensure global compatibility. If a currency is not supported, we automatically convert it to CNY so you never miss a sale!
Can I still use my Thinkific Checkout?
Yes, you can! Our checkout is designed to be complimentary to your current checkout system. Students that wish to pay using their credit or debit card can use your existing Thinkific checkout.
Do you support subscriptions?
AliPay do not currently support subscriptions, therefore we regrettably cannot support them. When they are supported by them, we will support them too!
Do you store or sell my student or course data?
No, absolutely not. We are fully secure by using Stripe for payments and industry leading encryption. We don't store your students personal data, we believe in privacy first.
Do I need a developer? Or custom coding?
No, our system is super straight forward to use. If you can copy and paste a link, you can use our system. And if you can't, we'll help as we are certified Thinkific Experts.
Do I need more tools like Zapier, Automate.io etc?
No, our system is designed to be an all in one. When a user pays, their account is created in Thinkific and they are enrolled in the course (or bundle) they purchased. This feature alone could save you thousands of dollars per year!

As a Thinkific Expert and eCommerce specialist, I know the importance of a global payment system. From my experience of living in China I built WooNinja Payments to allow my clients access to the largest economy in the world. Join them today!

Colin Longworth
Thinkific Expert

Built by Thinkific Experts

WooNinja Payments is built and maintained by Colin Longworth, a leading Thinkific Expert with respect to payment and API integrations. If you need help, Colin is happy to be there for you!


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